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Kingdom Koto Alang

The Hamlet at Botuang
Kingdom of Alang = Koto village BOTUANG?>>
During three hours the team (SKC) journey through the land to the City Taluk Kuantan the capital of Regency Kuantan Singingi (Regency Kuansing) from the center of Pekanbaru (Riau Pripinsi), on sunday and the third third day in October, the drop-ujan rinrik accompany the team SKC. SKC is the purpose of the team Mudik District of Kuantan, disitulah there Botuang Hamlet in the Village Sangau.

To achieve this Botuang Hamlet take about half an hour from the city center Taluk Kuantan, disinilah there is the temple, the temple is called strong because it is suspected there is a temple there that was very long tebenam. For up to the temple kelokasi SKBC this team go through a small river called Sungai Salo and dilintasi the suspension bridge made of wood, for people who are not through will feel nervous because when he passed wiggle.

Hamlet Botuang this store many Cagar Cultural Objects (BCB), which often found the local people are not deliberately, when to dig up soil and gardening or simply managing the home page, such as jewelry made of gold: rings, necklaces, bracelets, and also hand tailor fishhook. According to the story of local residents, the initial findings Herlita told this, when one of the dream people were not known to dig up a jar containing jewelry, after having dug at the indicated persons unknown in the mimpim. But unfortunately the jar again immerse ourselves, as "When the jar is a dream to have a blood didarahi Black Goat, difficult to obtain because the blood is replaced with the Black Dogs, therefore he returned sink into the ground," said Herlita.

This is justified by the Head of Dusun Jailani Wednesday Botuang, "since then many people who take the land around the former excavation jar is fed to the River Salo, and find the gold, even there was a ring-shaped, ring, eye hook and needle needle, approximately kejadiannya seven tens of years, "said Jailani Wednesday. Because the extraction of a jar was found dibekas terminated upon agreement of figures Kenegerian traditional Koto Lubuk Jambi Gajah Tunggal.

In addition to jewelry made of gold, the most frequently found is the local ancient brick, measuring approximately one and a time span span two square-span adults. "If we dig to the depth of about one meter course, we can find this ancient bricks are arranged neatly in the ground," said Jailani Wednesday. From finding the ancient bricks are mostly done research and digging, digging. M in 1955 had done digging and found a bottle of Arca, Arca, and until now not known her again.

"Formerly, the local community does not recognize the value of the statue as a heritage of priceless value of the site as an ancient civilization, the people sell them," said village head yasir Sangau. "It is be pitied," sesalnya. At last known to be digging in the year 2007 conducted by the ancient stone Sangkar in collaboration with the Office of Tourism Riau Province without sepengatahuan Pemangku People and Local Government.

In the process they find the previous mantra of sangskerta written on bits of gold that is currently not known existence. "We kecolongan that time," said Suhernita Head of Section (Kasi) Pengkajian History and Traditional Values, the Office of Cultural Arts and Tourism (Disbudsianipar) Singingi Regency Kuantan (Kab. Kuansing), Suhernita add, the lack of Human Resources (HR) and at this time Disbudsianipar Kab. Kuansing focus on physical development, "For this year we focus on the development of physical objects to parawisata Air Terjun Guruh Gemurai in the Village Kasang, District of Kuantan Mudik," explained.

This is justified by Drs. Syafrinal, M. Si Disbudsianipar head, a new position about six months ago, "Too much weakness that we experienced in the treatment of tourism objects and historical sites is our disadvantage." Syafrinal said when SKBC encountered in the space of the Regional Government Office Complex ( Pemda) Kab. Kuansing, Thursday (23/10) ago.

To anticipate similar events, has been trying Syafrinal as closely as possible, "We have formed a team of data collectors items and sites of tourism history in every district," in addition Syafrinal expect sumbangsi we shared, and private parties who want to infuse capital to the development of tourism objects and sites of historic in Kab. Kuansing. "I am proud with the youth at this time caring for art, culture and media parawisata Kuansing through the Internet, one that I see serious in this," said Syafrinal.

Kingdom Koto Alang
A large number found Cagar Cultural Objects (BCB) in the Hamlet Botuang, suspected of a strong stand here with the name of the kingdom of Hindu Kingdom of Koto Alang, even though there is no scientific research is revealing. Mahmud Sulaiman (68) Tomo-title Datuk, a prominent indigenous Kenegerian Koto Jambi Lubuk Gajah Tunggal, was a descendent of Raja Alang Koto Kingdom. The temple is located in the Hamlet Botuang is under control as traditional leaders.

If there are people, or researchers who want to know detail about the story of the temple community Botuang recommend Hamlet Datuk Tomo to researchers, "We here do not know much about the history of the temple, that I know that oversees the temple, namely Datuk Tomo," said Wednesday Jailani Head Botuang Hamlet. This is also in benarkan by yasir Sangau village head, "If the history of the temple we submit to the customs figures for the temple authorities, he Datuk Tomo," said yasir, "All the device does not have the village who know the detail," added the man graduates High School (SMA) is, when the teams met in the room SKBC work Thursday (23/10) ago.

So that the team's SKBC and explored, and the team visited SKBC Tomo Datuk kekediaman located in Koto Jambi Lubuk Gajah Tunggal, and he menceritaka about the temple to the team's passage BM legend Kenegerian Koto Jambi Lubuk Gajah Tunggal. Legend has been destroyed eaten era, now Datuk Tomo try again membukukannya from ingatannya results, and results of the research team from The Kingdom of Kandis, in Jambi Kenegerian Koto Lubuk Gajah Tunggal.

This team in koordinatori by Pebri Mahmud Al-Hamidi, of Drs. H. Syafri Yoes, Triwan Hardi, SH., Agusrisal SR, Hardimansyah, Jhon Herizon Patra, King Bastian, SE., Drs. H. Mukhlis MR., MSi., Kuantan Mudik Family Association (IKKM) Pekanbaru, Student Association and Student Mudik Kuantan (HPMKM) Pekanbaru. Directed by Penghulu shoots Kenagorian Koto Lubuk Jambi Gajah Tunggal (Mahmud Sulaiman Dt. Syamsinar Tomo and Dt. Rajo Suaro) along with all Pemangku Ceremony in the Koto Region Kenagorian Jambi Lubuk Gajah Tunggal. "Once the materials have been collected and all can dipertanggung jawabkan will soon be published in book form," said Datuk Tomo.

Based on the legend is the kingdom of Koto Alang is the development of the Kingdom of Kandis, "In the Kingdom of Kandis jayanya many seizure of power occurred from people who feel able, they want to seize power and eventually secede from the Kingdom of Kandis," said Datuk Tomo. So stand Kerajan Koto Alang in the year to 2 M, Aur Kuning king title, he has Patih (Deputy King) and Temenggung (King's).

"The Kingdom of Koto Alang the power struggle there between the kingdom," And in the kingdom of 6 M Koto Kandis attack the Kingdom of Alang. Kingdom won Kandis. Raja Aur Kuning fled to Bali, "That is the origin of the name means River of the King Salo bukak cello-open cross-legged, in the Hamlet Botuang." Because the subject does not want the government under the Kingdom of Kandis, Patih Temenggung and fled to the West to the Mount Merapi ( West Sumatra) and change their names, Datuk Perpatih Patih become a nan and a Temenggung Datuk Ketemenggungan, "Both leaders that this is a legendary figure Minangkabau adat." Tomo said Datuk.

Raja Aur Kuning survival at this time are found which can be Mustika Elephant of ping pong ball, which is found in the Yellow Aur Raja Gajah Tunggal head while Raja Aur Kuning defeat Gajah Tunggal-ivory have one because, with the spear killed Sogar Jantan. The "King of Aur Kuning killed Gajah Tunggal is now called Lopak Gajah Mati located on the southern market Lubuk Jambi, Mustika and Gading Gajah Tunggal, I still saved, except that Ivory Single has sold one of my family, when I do not berda dikampung in 1976, is be pitied, "said Datuk barbate this. River that flows beside Lopak is called Dead Elephant with Trunk Simujur, which means fortunate / lucky to kill the elephant.

Prof. Suwardi. MS, a historian Riau, had malakukan search with Datuk Tomo about the Kingdom and the Kingdom of Koto Kandis Alang, and stopped because of the "Kingdom of Kandis there told a glimpse of the Book of Country Kertagama, Kandis Kingdom is located in Rantau Kuantan, the search is stopped with human resources and financial constraints, "said Suwardi. Until this paper have not yet published pembenahan of historic sites located in the Hamlet Botuang, Sangau Village, Kec. Kuantan Mudik, Kab. Kuansing, in Riau Province.
Source: Kerajaan Koto Alang

There is eternal rainbow in waterfaal Kuansing

Regency Kuantan Singingi located at 1010 - 1020 BT and 00 - 10 LS, with a total area covering approximately 7656.03 Km2. Initially have six districts namely defenitif Mudik Kuantan, Kuantan Tengah, Singingi, Benai, Kuantan Hilir and Cerenti. At this time the number of districts of 12 districts definitive.

The region around 160 km south of Pekanbaru, a hilly area that has a height which varies with the ELEVATION ELEVATION highest reaches 804 meters above sea level. Area is generally hilly. With the Kuantan River there is a quite wide and with River and River Teso Singingi make some of the areas are located in the area of the river plains.

Kuantan Singingi have the potential of tourism is big enough, either y or natural history. The most potential tourism mendarah flesh for the life of society is spur routes. Iven spur path that most held once a year, in order to commemorate the independence day of Indonesia on edge Narosa, Teluk Kuantan. Akan potential but still many others that have not been developed. Potential cultural tour that consists of natural, traditional ceremonies, art, folk games, the things historical, and so forth.

8 July 2008 ago Riau Pos opportunity to visit several areas in which natural lake shrimp in Rawang Village Talontam District Benai, waterfalls Gemurai Guruh Village Kasang Mudik Kuantan District, and seven levels of waterfalls in the Village District of Lubuk Ambacang Hulu Kuantan.

Shrimp Lake Rawang was just a swamps dialiri the creek. After the dam was built, terbentuklah a small lake. Here, some provided by the boat's fiberglass (train water) and two buildings in the middle of the lake. This place will be visited during busy holidays. On a normal day just a small community or youth-mudi seen with foot paddle boat provided.

Up in the area, we are through a bridge that extends from the Market Sungai Kuantan Benai. On the left side and right side of the road to the various areas of oil palm companies and the paper, spread rice field and residential that make eyes look cool.

Air Terjun Guruh Gemurai

This region is Kasang Village, District of Kuantan Mudik a distance of about 10 km from the market Lubuk Jambi. The border-Sumbar Riau is a protected forest area of Bukit Betabuh. But unfortunately bergulirnya since the reform era, the forest was beautiful with the slope-steep hill slopes, now no more left, destroyed due to illegal logging and switch with the rubber gardens community.

When this road to waterfall is in the repair and widening. Some of the uphill road dilandaikan now. Practical, if rainy days, the car will not be able to enter because of slippery roads. Edge of the national road, this area is approximately 2 km through a forest that was planted bald rubber aged between 2-7 years.

Until the location, at the height of the hall will be found a few that can be used for just a moment of rest while enjoying the rural panorama of nature extends to the right we flow with the Kuantan River winding.

So then one kilometer at a location we Terjun Air Guruh Gemurai. From a distance is heard thundering waterfalls as though you're in the condition of heavy rain. Tired of walking also sirna when we began to breathe fresh air, trees that tower, which still remains among terjalnya waterfalls.

In this location is built of concrete facility built in between the cliffs and walk down to the waterfall pond fall. Here are two waterfalls, the main waterfall at almost twenty meters.

Swimming in the waterfall is the main visitors can bathe in it up between the fresh water gemerisik accompanied in the water that flows between the rocks and large trees ridangnya.

On the left towards the waterfall there are some workers who are beraktivitas. According to the Head Office of Tourism Arts and Culture Kuansing Drs Syafrinal MSi, where it is being built and the parking of vehicles musala. ''We are gradually membenahi and complete tourist facilities in the area, this year we focus on the Air Terjun Guruh Gemurai, next year we move to the new Air Terjun Level Seven,''a Syafrinal.

Air Terjun Level Seven

Level Seven Terjun Air Batang Village Koban Lubuk Ambacang Hulu Kuantan District, is one of the beautiful waterfalls and the highest in the Kuansing. This region can be by road and then proceed with using the boat for about 15 minutes to the river headwaters.

From the market toward Lubuk Jambi village Lubuk Ambacang with time of the vehicle about 20 minutes away by road asphalt. Can also enter from the Village Jake, corner post to the village police Serosah, Mudiak Ulo to Kombu Koto village road through the land of the time the vehicle about 40 minutes.

To the Village Lubuk Ambacang, from Koto Kombu us through concrete bridge that extends above the Kuantan River. Travel proceed with the boat had between 15 to 25 people that can be found under the bridge or around the Market Lubuk Ambacang with the rental price Rp150 thousand.

From here we will be the river to the headwaters of the time with about 15 minutes. During the trip that we can enjoy hujaunya trees on a hill with a slope of between 45 degrees to 70 degrees. The width of the river upstream to the decline and debitnya any more downpours.

Not far from the bridge, we will pass the shell island. Water here, such as curved shell. Distance from the water that flows appear calm, but if passed arusnya quite swift, especially when the Sungai Kuantan again subside. Boat must go slowly on the edge of the cliffs and rocks. But if in the water, the resulting flow is not too fast, you can go boating in the middle of the river.

Without us even feel up to the location, boat-dock at any ditambat Pemkab built several years ago with a timber bridge extends over a small river flow waterfall of seven levels.

From the dock we can already see the first waterfall thundering sound of clear water creek. From the first waterfall to the fourth cataract, a visitor can be through the canyon with steep cliffs, through the concrete stairs in between the trees that are still beautiful. Although the day was lunch, but rindangnya trees and waterfalls breezy wind, making the temperature around us feel cool and comfortable long-berlama.

Bambang Wahyu is Jatmiko, producers and leaders of the Mara Studio at that time with two colleagues, Rudi, and Anto visit in the framework of the image to the background video clips and learning rarak godang Singingi Kuantan, which ditaja NGOs Tanjak Rantau, mutter,''God , the great gift of God, I hope this area are still maintained its natural beauty and can continue to enjoy the community,''Bambang call.

Bambang hope not without reason. Maraknya illegal logging activities these days, has destroyed the joints of each natural forests. No matter the protected forest, for example, which occurred in the area of protected forest Betabuh Hill, the location where waterfalls thunder gemurai. The only remaining forest in the area falls, the rest be destroyed and planted rubber.

With the wide-awake and they take pictures with a variety of positions. They directed the camera to each groove-fossa waterfalls fall menghempas water underneath. Once satisfied and enjoy taking pictures of the water level of the first and fourth with a different altitude, between 5-15 meters, the trip was resumed.

This is where the adventure begins, when we pass the fourth level to the level of the seventh. Each visitor must walk between the cliffs, the cliffs kemiringannya between 45 to 85 degrees. For nature lovers, this is a challenge as the terrain in order to generate diverting adrenalin.

Climbing through a canyon and bergantungan between root-root trees, enough energy drain. The distance between the waterfalls in the range of 50-100 meters. Although the lead dust that is quite heavy, but this will not make a bored visitor. Because each waterfall has a characteristic that is different and beautiful.

After the sixth pass waterfalls, not how far the best dijumpailah its waterfalls, with the height reached 30 meters more. Really stunning, in a pond waterfall is envisaged two layers rainbow, results from the sun bias light sprinkling of water which resulted in a gale blowing.

We only arrived in the pond water of the seventh. Heavy burden, and reduce the risk - for the previous few of us slip and squeezed between the large stones
causing a bruise, bruised foot, such as experienced Anto, Mara Studio crew should tertatih-tatih running due to a bruised foot dideritanya - we just enjoy the beauty of it down.

This adventure is different from the Jakarta Post in 1995 ago. Jakarta Post at the time to peak of the most high. However, it must be paid all costs, with the struggle of a quite tiring, climb steep rocks in between. Mistaken will fall slightly to tens of meters down. From the top of the altitude, when we look to the bottom, swimming in the waterfalls of the seven eternal rainbow that extends to the form of a circle.

Many Visited

According to Eri, Lubuk Ambacang village residents who work as tenant boat to the waterfall, almost every day there are people who come to this region. Peak of the crowd called Eri, during bath balimau event held one day before the Ramadan. ''If the events balimau bath, the number of people coming for almost a thousand people,''a Eri.

If the usual day-to-day, rented a boat at most two, but in the bath balimau that, there are seven boat that is ready to take. Have had the boat 15 to 25 passengers. Each boat, called Eri, up to eight times repeatedly picking passengers under the bridge Lubuk Ambacang .***

Gold mining in Kuansing Without Permission

In the meeting room coordination activities PETI impact, in the Office of Regional Development Planning Board (Bappeda) of Riau Province, late last February, revealed how semrawutnya settlement persolan PETI in Kuangsing. Some officers who seek an excuse for not menertibkan PETI. "Can-can house burnt," he said.

PETI is now a threat to the life of the people who rely on their lives from the fishery sector. That's why keramba farmers, farmers' ponds pembenihan people, even Central Fish seed Teso confess activities already-stagnant stagnating. Even the research results of water quality in the Central Fish seed in the Teso and the flow of children indicates the location of River sekitaran heavy metals such as Mercury / Air mercury (Hg) far diambang standard of quality. In time, the metal mercury will terakumulasi on the biota, both plant and hewannya.

This condition must be diwaspadai. Many reports related to the case of Mercury, and is known as Minamata disease. Minamata disease is a disease caused by a nerve poison metilmerkuri. Early symptoms are anesthetized limb and the area around the heel, interference senses and difficulty in doing activities seharihari. In addition, patients also experienced a lack of coordination between the nerve, weakness and tremor, the ability to speak and slow and weak ability to view and hearing less. Disease worsen and cause paralysis, movement outside of awareness, brain damage and death.

At the light, people complain not so immune mouth sensitive to temperature and taste, the nose does not smell sensitive, easily tired and get headaches often. In the heavy, sarafnya people fell ill, including the brain, so it can not control the movement of the hands and feet, to deaf ears ring, the eyes narrow perspective, and talking difficult. It is chilling that many babies born with congenital defects. Metil mercury is dangerous for pregnant women.

In the story, July 2003 penambang gold Wonogiri in the area of traditional use of white mercury to separate gold from other metals. Mercury is silvery white and the liquid gold will be binding, while the other metals will tersisihkan. Mixture of mercury and gold are placed in a cup made of ceramic. In the cup dihembuskan flame. The distance between the flame with the nose approximately 10 cm. At the time of the flame to burn a mixture of mercury and gold, mercury vapor and liquid metal gold behind. At the time of the metal mercury vapor, mercury vapor is very possible to be terhisap by workers. If exposure continues this will lead to death and poisoned.

PETI activities in Kuansing fact has long been the case. But now condition worse again. Given that the perpetrators of PETI in Jambi also Hijrah to Kuansing. Given that since two years ago, activity in the River Batanghari stopped by all in the Province is related. Due to the threat from the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries memfinalti Jambi and Fisheries, that the funds will not run down the State Budget for the development activities have keramba while PETI.

PETI Maraknya and realize the impact of bad events for the environment and man, the Head of Fisheries District Kuansing already reported the matter to the local officials. Various coordination meetings in the District has now done. Until finally there are eight points in the agreement Pemkab Kuansing. The idea must be stopped PETI, penambang will be built, and the local penambang will dialihkerjakan to other sectors. End of the specified limit of 31 March 2008.