Jemur Island Claimed Malaysia

Island Tours Jemur MalaysiaWisata Claimed Riau Riau Island - Tourism Jemur Rokan Hilir Riau Tourism objects claimed by Malaysia to be the object of their tour. The information contained a number of web site on the internet mention that Jemur Island in Riau Province was part of a tourist destination Selangor State, Malaysia.

Governor of Riau Rusli Zainal, who attended the celebration of Malaysia's independence day held Malaysian Consulate in Pekanbaru, Tuesday (1 / 9), can not say much on this case. He handed over entirely to the central government. Meanwhile, the Riau community is responding to a serious campaign.

Information on tourism promotion that was published by and mentioned that Jemur Island as tourist destinations Selanggor State, Malaysia. sites listed in the location and the map is said Jemur Island is in the Selangor, Malaysia. Just can not know information about the person in charge of tourism such pages.

Responding to that, Head of Riau Province Government Public Relations Bureau Zulkarnain Kadir in Pekanbaru, Monday (31 / 8) correct the misleading information on the Internet pages that Jemur Island is part of Indonesia.

He said the island was part of Rokan Hilir regency that has been equipped with a variety of infrastructure by local governments.

"The government Rokan Hilir Riau and also makes the island one Jemur as tourist icon in the province. So not true that Malaysia's claim, "he said.

He explains, Jemur island archipelago located in the mansions of the Dead in the water Rokan Hilir. The island is the largest island reaches 2.5 square kilometers.

According to him, the region has long used as one of the mainstay tourism object in Riau. Therefore, the claim Jemur Island as one tourist destination is a loss Jiran Affairs for Indonesia, especially in Riau.

Earlier, Malaysia has annexed Sipadan and Ligitan, two islands on the east Kalimantan in the past through the 2002 International Court of Justice court

Indonesia-Malaysia relations many times have ups and downs. Not only the workers concerned, but also about the theft of art and culture, as well as violations of the border region. Then in May 2009, Malaysian warships tried to enter Indonesia in Ambalat waters, East Kalimantan. Malaysian warship crew did not feel crossed the territory of Indonesia. However, the Malaysian warship had expelled. The Indonesian government then asserted will maintain Ambalat island as sovereign territory of Indonesia. Even the Defense and Security Commission of the House for action by sending a special team to Malaysia to express his protest to the neighbor country.

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