Relax Respond threesome Victoria Beckham Issues

Victoria Adam casually takes the issue of oblique about her husband, David Beckham, who acknowledged a prostitute named Irma Nici has done a threesome with him. David and Victoria casually responded that he considered the issue of this nonsense. They further do not believe anymore, because America's top magazine In Touch Weekly to contain it, as he told a close friend of Beckham, cited okezone from TheSun, Thursday (09/23/2010)

Therefore, they will fight the issues that are considered pushing Beckham through legal channels. He also hired a top U.S. lawyer to launch the lawsuit. According to him, Irma Nici deliberately used information media about David Beckham. On that date, Beckham did exist in New York and that information can be accessed via the internet. However, Beckham is not staying in the alleged hotel, Le Parker Meridien. He stayed on that date at the Waldorf Astoria.

The couple also continued its activities both as usual. Becks joined his team-mates for practice in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, Posh went to a gym in Beverly Hills. Irma Nici previously claimed to have threesome sex with former Manchester United star was. In fact, NICI admitted having sex before they are three, NICI asked to have sex with a prostitute Sesame kinds of other women. Then, just to have sex with Beckham